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Bullets Over Broadway

Review Written by: Michael Courtney
Film: A+
Video/Audio/Extras: A-/A/F

Directed by: Woody Allen
Written by: Woody Allen and Douglas McGrath
Produced by: Robert Greenhut
Starring: John Cusack, Dianne Wiest, Jennifer Tilly, Chazz Palminteri, Mary-Louise Parker, Jack Warden
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It's not everyday you hear someone mutter the words "the world will open to you like a magnificent vagina", but in this witty, dark, laugh out loud comedy, you will. Bullets Over Broadway has a perfect cast and an absolutly brilliant script. When you add a brilliant Woody Allen script and direction with a fantastic cast, only good can come of it.

Bullets Over Broadway revolves around a struggling writer, David Shayne (played by John Cusak), in 1920's New York, who always has to make compromises to get his plays produced, he is sick of that, he is sick of "actors changing diolaouge and directors totally missing the point of his plays", so his producer makes a deal with a mob boss to help fund David's play, in return David has to let the mob boss's girlfriend, Olive (played wonderfully by Jenifer Tilly) to star in her play and David also has to defend his play against Olive's bodyguard, (played by Chazz Palmentari) who has problems with Dave's dialouge. He also is struggling with his relationship with his girlfriend as he is cheating on her with Broadway legend Helen Sinclair (an Oscar-winnning role for Dianne Wiest).

It's a big shame this didn't have any extras, it could've had some great behind-the-scenes docuenteries or a commentary by Woody Allen, but I suppose the movie will do just fine for satisfying entertainment. Bullets Over Broadway is one of the best acted and written movies I've ever seen, as it features carreer best performences by the very enthusiatic John Cusack and dumb-witted Jenifer Tilly. Even with those great performences and with Tracey Ullman, Jack Warden, Jim Broadbent, Rob Reiner and Chazz Palminteri all making the best with what they have, the real stand out is Dianne West who magnificantly taps into the character and understands her completly, Dianne Wiest certainly deserved her Oscar.

Well, I really can't praise this movie enough, it has a great cast, brilliant script, strong direction and if you've never seen Bullets Over Broadway, you certainly should.

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