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My Date with Drew

Review Written by: Estefan Ellison
Film: A-
Video/Audio/Extras: B+/C-/F

Directed by: Jon Gunn, Brian Herzlinger and Brett Winn
Produced by: Jon Gunn, Brian Herzlinger, Brett Winn and Kerry David
Starring: Brian Herzlinger, Jon Gunn, Brett Winn, Kerry David, Drew Barrymore, Sara Berkowitz, Corey Feldman
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At the beginning of the documentary, My Date with Drew, television director Bill D'Elia says to Brian Herzlinger that when he was his age, his dream was world peace. This is in response to Brian's dream of dating E.T. star Drew Barrymore. Every non-famous person in the world has a dream of meeting and dating someone famous. Why do you think teenage girls have posters of people like Chad Michael Murray in their room? In fact, I would like to one day meet Uma Thurman. However, people understand that their chances of meeting Celebrity A are close to none. Brian is obviously different from other people, but we can't help but root for the man because he is just so likable.

Brian Herzlinger has had a crush on Drew Barrymore ever since he first saw her in E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. Now at 28 years old, he decides to go on a journey to try and date her. He buys a camera from Circuit City which he must return in thirty days so that he can get his money back. He then documents himself using the "Six Degrees of Separation" and find out who knows someone who knows someone who knows Drew. He also meets up with a lot of celebrities such as Corey Feldman and Charlie's Angels writer, John August. Brian even goes so far as to break the law when he decides to hire someone to make fake VIP batches to the Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle premiere after-party.

Unlike Super Size Me, another documentary about a man on a thirty day mission, My Date with Drew doesn't try to prove a point. It's just about a man who attempts to go on a date with a famous celebrity. Brian is intensely likable and you want him to get the date. There are some spots that drag, especially in scenes that don't have Brian in them. They also repeat things too many times such as the ongoing conversations about Brian's Robin Williams-esque amount of hair. However, he provides a funny commentary and is a great every man. He is also the only interesting person in the whole documentary, though his parents are very funny especially when his father suggests other women to try and get a date with. This sweet documentary earns itself an "A-" grade. The film was shot with a $1000 camera from Circuit City so I didn't expect much from the image. However, it surprised me and it's actually not that bad. Scenes shot in cars aren't too well done as well as night time scenes, but I don't blame the film makers for that. The film gets an "B+" in the visual department. The sound is much better, though. In loud crowds scenes or when we hear Brian speaking from a telephone, the sound is atrocious and they could have edited it up when transferring the film to DVD, but Brian's narration is loud and clear. The decision to not put subtitles was a bad one. The sound gets a "C-" from me.

They could have added more special features, alas not that much appears and they aren't that great. First is the full twenty minute date with Drew Barrymore. I have never found dates that interesting so I didn't particularly like this special feature. I'm happy that they edited a lot of the date in the final film. A lot of people might find it interesting, but I didn't. Who wants to watch someone's entire date? I don't. Finally, the DVD raps up with trailers for My Date with Drew and Dear Wendy. An extra mini-documentary on the after-math of the date and Brian's new relationship with his idol would have been nice, but we don't get any of that, unfortunately. Not even a commentary. The extras on My Date with Drew get a lowly "F."

The film is great, but the special features aren't. You can find more information on the My Date with Drew website than you can on the extras on this disc. I only recommend that you rent it.

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