Chasing Amy

Review Written by: Chris Burns
Film: A
What the MPAA Rating should be: PG-13 (for language and sexual situations)

Directed by: Kevin Smith
Written by: Kevin Smith
Produced by: Scott Mosier
Starring: Ben Affleck, Joey Lauren Adams, Jason Lee, Dwight Ewell
Studio: Miramax Films

Everyone needs to watch movies like this, after watching a film like Chasing Amy you feel as though you know something more about how to deal with relationships. That's what I love, the film shows you situations that people go through and the lessons from making mistakes in life. Some people find themselves chasing for the perfect person their entire life, not realising that the person for them is right in front of them.

This is a film not afraid to be controversial and study an issue that is very relevant in today's society. Chasing Amy is as close as you will get to romance in any of his movies. It hits the sentimental and complex notes that make it a modern masterpiece. It's fun, cute and sexy study of sexual choices and how you can never really find "the perfect women." I think Chasing Amy is a groundbreaking and very important movie because it deals with topics such as "homophobia." A turning point for Kevin Smith who manages to give you tips as Silent Bob on women and how he is always "Chasing Amy." Kevin Smith as usual proves his movies are about characters and fast, witty dialogue. There is always a joke flying around in this wonderful sentimental comedy which leaves room for the beauty of repeat viewings. But unlike most romantic comedies (which I loathe with a passion usually) this is very different, it's not afraid to talk about sexual encounters and be frank about subjects that some people may find offensive, it tells you everything. The characters created feel real because the edge of "not everything turns out the way you want it." That is something that most romantic movies are afraid to do, it makes the audience dream shatter. But that is the important point it makes everything more real. You can relate and personalise as usual with certain situations. At the same time the film is very off the wall and hilariously sexually charged with the beautiful Joey Lauren Adams playing Alyssa Jones. She acts with talent and steals the show, how she did not get nominated or even win best actress is beyond me. The Acadmeny seems to never respect the independent movie masterpieces though.

What always surprises me about Kevin Smith movies is that Ben Affleck proves he can act! Ben Affleck puts on a very believable and cool role that is creatively acted. Kevin Smith might seem at first glance the kind of director who exploits crude humour. He is actually the complete opposite, they are deep, meaningful films that deal with relevant issues. You feel uplifted and yet left with a moral when watching a Kevin Smith movie because he hits the goal of entertainment. This is a movie made not for money, but for the viewer and something Kevin Smith needed to show to people who could understand situations he probably went through. Kevin Smith creates a funny movie that underneath is a very serious study of sexual nature. Kevin Smith handles risqué subjects gently and with precision. Kevin Smith is not there to show off, but to rather show his love of film.

Overall a stunning, emotionally complex movie for example the scene in the car which shows a genius is at work. The dialogue and the acting hold the scene together, one that could seem very lame if done not correctly. And one more example would be the highly amusing ice hockey scene in which the pair argue while you see the image of the fight between the players breaking out and the heartbeat accompanying the scene.

Ben Affleck and Jason Lee in Kevin Smith's Chasing Amy.
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