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Forever Faithless: The Greatest Hits

Review Written by: Geoff Creeden
Film: A-
Video/Audio/Extras: A/A+/D

Directed by: Various
Written by: Maxi Jazz, Rollo, Sister Bliss, Jamie Catto, Dido, P*Nut and Billie Holiday
Produced by: Rollo and Sister Bliss
Starring: Maxi Jazz, Sister Bliss, Dido, Jamie Catto
Buy it!, Buy it, rent it or skip it: Buy it!

This, being my first review, I wanted something I could do with ease, so I decided to rewatch Forever Faithless: The Greatest Hits.

A compilation of music videos by the U.K. dance/hip-hop musicians Faithless (a.k.a. Maxi Jazz) and Sister Bliss. The DVD contains 12 videos, spanning Faithless' entire music career, starting with Reverence and ending with videos from their latest CD, No Roots.

This thing I like most of the DVD is, well, the main content. Rather than favoring style or substance, the videos all have a beautiful blend of both. Even better, the visual styles vary greatly over the span of the videos, going from basic black and white in some of the early videos, while later, feature the colorful and interesting view of Asian culture in the song "I Want More".

Also, the lyrical flow of the videos/songs is quite good as well. Faithless isn't like many hip-hop artists these days and the basic, down-to-earth lyrics create something that someone can relate to, rather than listening to someone talk about getting shot in the ghetto.

My only complaint is the lack of bonus features as a whole. The only bonus feature is a video/audio mix-up by Hexstatic. The video is about 10 or so minutes long and mixes both the songs and videos, which is watchable, but the video quality is worse than the original video cuts. Overall, the Hexstatic video is watchable, but nothing too special.

While, brief and different, Forever Faithless: The Greatest Hits is seemingly a treat to both the eyes and ears. Great picture quality and audio transfer make this worth buying if you enjoy music videos, the music of Faithless or just dance or hip-hop in general. It would just be really, really good if there were bonus features. Commentaries at least.

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