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7/15/06 - I'd like to make an announcement. Congralutions to Will Penley for providing the one hundreth review of The DVD Archives. He has been a reviewer here since the website's creation in early January of this year and he has provided many great reviews and will continue to do so in the future. He is a fantastic writer and worthy of praise. However, the same can also be said of the other reviewers. Alex Beuttell (who will most likely write the 101st review), Jean-Paul Rouas, Arlo J. Wiley, Chris Burns, Brian Huddleston, Mitch Beaupre and Jack Gattanella have also done terrific jobs and we should give them thanks as well. Let's hope we reach 200 reviews soon.

Note to Will: You can collect your special prize by checking your IMDb private messages. Enjoy your day.

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