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Finding Neverland

Review Written by: Michael Courtney
Film: A+
Video/Audio/Extras: A+/A/C-

Directed by: Marc Forster
Written by: David Magee
Based on the play by: Allan Knee
Produced by: Nellie Bellflower and Richard N. Gladstein
Starring: Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet, Freddie Highmore, Radha Mitchell, Dustin Hoffman
Buy it!, Buy it, rent it or skip it: Rent it

Finding Neverland is a film that is brilliant in every way, you may have to watch this film twice because you're too distracted the first time by the beautiful sets or costumes. If you are too distracted the first time watching Finding Neverland, then you owe yourself another viewing to take in the great screenplay and brilliant acting.

Finding Neverland is about the author James Barrie (played wonderfully by Johnny Depp), who is befriended by a widowed mother named Sylvia Davies (played by Kate Winslet) and her three children. Every character is struggling with something, James is quickly getting his reputation tarnished as well as not getting along with his wife. Sylvia is trying to get over the loss of her husband as well as dealing with her own health problems. The Davies children are growing up too quickly as well as trying to deal with thier bossy grandma. Eventually, though, things turn around for Barrie when he gets inspired by the three children to write a wonderful play called Peter Pan.

I bought this film and checked out the extras and was so dissapointed. There is so much they could've done, yet they stuck in a outtake scene that only provided me with two laughs and a red carpet opening that seemed out of place on this DVD. It's a big shame this movie didn't have good extras or I would've recommended you buy this film, but it is just a great film that you only need to enjoy once.

All in all, this is a very well crafted beautifully emotional, tender, well acted movie. Finding Neverland is not to be missed.

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