Review Written by: Everett Lauster
Film: A+
Video/Audio/Extras: A/A/A+

Directed by: Tom Cherones
Written by: Larry Charles, Larry David, Peter Mehlman, Steve Strovan, Bill Masters, Jon Hayman, Jerry Seinfeld, etc.
Produced by: Jerry Seinfeld
Starring: Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards, Estelle Harris, Jerry Stiller
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A landmark in television history, Seinfeld has given us memorable lines and resembles what American life is. Creators Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld who wrote and starred in all 9 seasons have struck gold with this multi-Emmy Award-winning show. Seinfeld makes everyday situations both new to the viewers and something that happens to everyone one day. What started as a simple pilot in 1990 changed television history until 1998 with nine seasons. When the show ended, Larry David moved to HBO and did Curb your Enthusias with cameos by Jerry. Although Curb does not compare to Seinfeld, it does bring the same wholesome scenarios of real life situations. Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld have made one of the best television shows in history and even the re-runs on Fox and TBS still continue to be as great as the first viewing.

New York comedian Jerry Seinfeld lives in a small apartment in uptown New York and next door to his eccentric neighbor, Cosmo Kramer (Michael Richards), who is based on Larry David's real life neighbor Kenny Kramer who inspired the Kramer we know and love. With friends, uptight and often cheap George Costanza (Jason Alexander) and female writer Elaine Benes (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), who when not dining at Monk's Diner are getting into trouble like in the episode "The Handicap Spot" where we originally meet Frank Costanza (John Randolph). However, it was later re-shot and played with Jerry Stiller.

Seinfeld is a brilliant and always comically amusing show. Every season available on DVD contains an "Inside Look" for each episode. They contain interviews with crew members and cast alike, who talk about how it was written, filmed and mistakes made in that take. They are also packed with hilarious bloopers and never before seen stand up material by Jerry Seinfeld himself. Those are by an in-depth documentary called "The Breakthrough Season" which shows why the 4th season is so important to the other seasons that follow it. The features get a solid "A+."

Season 4 has all 24 episodes re-mastered in 1.33:1 Full screen and in High definition. The fourth season of Seinfeld packs the laughs and never fails to deliver the punch line or the crazy situation in each episode. The audio gets an "A" along with the video. The greatest show on television ever made is finally re-mastered and put on a 4-disc set. Well worth the wait and worth re-seeing over and over. The lines never get old and almost become so well known when seen you can go line for line with the show as if in a conversation. What started out to be a small business and a one season show explodes into a 9 season, 180 episode extravaganza. Brilliant!